Now if you want to know why I really don't sing happy birthday...This is really a great way to opt out of singing "Happy Brithday" anywhere. Although, that being said, in our current state of "digital media rights" who know what the media conglomerates will think of next?
(open scene, a tall slender fellow in the likeness of Plankton from Sponge Bob, acosts an iPod toting college student)
Lord of Darkness Media Agent: Using our super sensitive copyright infringement equipment, we have detected you're heartbeat has the same 4 bar repetitive structure as Pink Floyd's "The Machine". You must cease and desist this reproduction in 24 hours or legal action will be taken.
Helpless Dude: I thought that was a recording of a human hearbeat?
Lord of Darkness Media Agent: It WAS. We own it now.
(head tilts back in evil laughter, scene exits)


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