This just in...NobleCraft will be spinning all your DB favorites one night only at the Liquid Lounge for Dave's show. Let freeeedom roll!


Drats...I think I need a new iPod. There is nothing functionally wrong with it, its just that I keep maxing it out. I can't believe I'm complaining about needed more that 3000 songs on me at anyone time, but its happening. I'll just have to take my entire Britney Spears collection off so I can fit the new Clay Aiken...er...I meant Mission of Burma replaced by the new These Arms are Snakes. Or I could just go for the 60GB photopod. I'm really waiting for this wonderpod though.


Daves evite is up. Didn't take too long, and I even abused the template feature of blogspot to get him some free hosting and a decent domain name to link too.

Dave B is pressing me into service again...this time for his e-vite to his show @ Liquid Lounge. Why do I do extra work for him all the time? It must be those incrimating pics of him holding me on his hip when I was 2 or something. Or maybe it was becuase he used to let me play with his coin collection. Either way, less is ALWAYS more.