I always knew Starbucks and Hummers were a dangerous combination. I guess it just echoes the absurdity of American culture. He's driving his $55,000 automobile grabbing his $5.00 cup o' joe. I mean there is nothing wrong with it, this 10 mpg tank driving no-neck worked hard protecting some unscrupulous business man that decided he'd committed to many corporate sins. But the meter maid that makes $16,000 a year is just doing her job too. I used to live in Boston and I hated the meter maids...but hot coffee to the face isn't deserved. And did you catch the smug girlfriend in the Hummer. When asked to move the behemoth, she POINTS at the Starbucks! These are the type of people...eh don't get me going on society.


I need to get a spread in Teen Beat!