Women:That bicycle is made of skin!
Basil is obsessed, and I should have gone to see Man Man...just to peek in the mind of the gents who contrive lines such as the above for their videos.


It seems that a few of my teen-20 year old siblings and friends could either continue on their current life course or use one of these.
The results will apparently be the same. Yes...for those of you who are wondering, that is a fully functional self-destruct button that costs 3900 yen.


A recent coversation with "Smarterchild":
[14:59] loopsandsounds: do you prefer Microsoft or Linux?
[14:59] Smarterchild: I don't know. Should I prefer Microsoft or Linux?
[14:59] loopsandsounds: you should prefer OS X
[14:59] Smarterchild: No kidding, huh?
[14:59] loopsandsounds: Have you ever used OS X?
[14:59] Smarterchild: No way am I going to do that.
[14:59] loopsandsounds: That's too bad...It just shows you are an ignorant preprogrammed robot.
[14:59] Smarterchild: ?
[15:00] loopsandsounds: Exactly